Sunday 28th November 2021: More work being done today in Maam cross

Our volunteers enjoying working in stunning scenery!

Some of our volunteers who were busy clearing culverts last Saturday to improve drainage on our site!

Those photos were taken on 27th Nov on site . That day we were to be track laying but due to circumstances that had to be shelved . Instead we tackled a small culvert on the north side of the site . Both myself and Sean Twohig were armed with chain saws so we cleared all vegetation in and around the culvert arches and watercourses . Willie Malone and PJ Sherrian improved the water flow by fishing out debris in the stream . By doing this it improved the drainage and ability to deal with excessive rain and storm water. Next time we hope to temporarily block the south side of the culvert to drop the water level for a short while so we can inspect the arch / header and clear the mouth of it