Maam Cross signal cabin has now been fully rebuilt on its original foundations, and soon will be fully equipped to signal trains at Maam Cross station – as it originally was designed to do.

An Irish country station always had at its epicentre, a signal cabin ( or two) and it became the sentinel, allowing the signalman to keep an eye on almost everything that occurred in the area.
At many smaller stations in later years he could possibly be the only staff in attendance.
Our cabin opened in 1895 and closed with the railway in 1935. The structure lasted until the mid 1950’s. It was badly damaged during the Civil War in October 1922, and was repaired – the 1934 photo clearly shows evidence of repairs under the timber superstructure.
We are delighted that just over 100 years later we have again rebuilt this historic building!
We are now in the process of fully re equipping and fitting out our cabin to its former glory…!!